About Pittsburg

According to the town’s website, Pittsburg is the northernmost town in New Hampshire and the largest town by area in the state – and in New England as well – more than twice the size of the next largest town.  Did you know that Pittsburg is the only New Hampshire municipality to border Canada and the only one that borders both Maine and Vermont?  It shares an international land border with Québec Province, Canada to its west and north, and borders the states of Maine (to the east) and Vermont (a very small portion to the southwest).

Pittsburg has been called the snowmobile capital of New England.  It’s true- there’s over 200 miles of trails. For more information on trails, maps and conditions visit the Pittsburg Ridge Runners.

There’s more than snowmobiling in Pittsburg though.  The Great North Woods Riders ATV Club maintains the trails in Pittsburg and Clarksville.  This trail system is part of the inter-connected trails system Ride the Wilds, offering 1000+ miles of trails throughout Coos County.

Pittsburg also offers great fishing, hunting and hiking.  Follow My Pittsburg Paradise 365, 24/7 on Facebook to see the beauty Pittsburg has to offer! Come stay at Indian Stream Cabin and you can enjoy all of this!!!

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